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ULikeKorea taps global horse health care market

Livestock health care company uLikeKorea on Monday announced a new patch type diagnosis device for horses, signaling its intent to make inroads into the global horse health care market worth $300 billion with 60 million horses.

Coinciding with the portfolio expansion, uLikeKorea said it has established the Livecare Denmark office in Copenhagen. 

“The patch-type device for horses, developed for the first time in the world, predicts diseases and monitors activity levels,” said uLikeKorea CEO Kim Hee-jin.

“It is an innovative technology that can check the condition of horses in real-time and will be exported to Japan soon.”

※ For more details on the announcement, please follow the link below

The Korea Herald (2019.12.30 ULikeKorea taps global horse health care market - By Lim Jeong-yeo

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