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​Racing with Horses

Racing is the basic instinct

Horses require volume calories for racing even a short period of time.
A continuous real-time monitoring of heart rate and body temperature can assist promoting horse's health and reducing the risk of injuries

Get Bio data

Don't be anxious when you are away from your horses. LiveCare's device collects routine information for horses' heart rate and body temperature even when they are asleep. Managing bio data is the very basic of fostering best horses.


Get Patterns

​Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of big data, it is the LiveCare's long-term commitment to developing the technology, which involves deep learning and AI analysis that can offer insights for monitoring health status, as well as ensuring ample resting period.  

Real-time Health Monitoring System

LiveCare's device detects a heat flow from head to heart, and to legs. This is useful for managing the risk of hypothermia concentrated in the core body parts.

Wearable Device for Horses 

LiveCare's wearable device accesses the change in heart rate and body temperature. The minimum power required for the sensor activation is induced from the equipment installed within a barn. Stay tuned for further details near the public release of the 'Horse edition'. 


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